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Second Collections for April

Seminarians Keith Garvin and John Bosco are supported through the Diocese of Shreveport Church Vocations Collection.

by Fr. Rothell Price, Vicar General

Good Friday Holy Land Collection
(Announcement: March 25 & April 1. Collection: April 6)
Each year Catholics are invited to support Christians in the Holy Land by participating in the pontifical Good Friday Collection. This collection offers us a direct opportunity to connect with and support Christians in the Holy Land, be witnesses of peace and to help preserve the Holy Places.

Franciscans and others in the Holy Land are housing and feeding the poor, providing information and education, maintaining shrines and parishes and conducting pastoral ministry, just as Jesus did. Support Christianity in the Holy Land. Please give generously to the pontifical Good Friday, Holy Land Collection as urged by the Holy Father.

Diocese of Shreveport Church Vocations Collection
(Announcement: March 25 & April 1. Collection: April 7 & 8)
God the Father started with two; now there are billions of human beings created in His image and likeness. Jesus chose 12; now there are millions of followers of Christ. The twelve laid hands on some; now there are tens of thousands of bishops, priests and deacons. The successors of the twelve accepted the vows of some; and now there are some tens of thousands of consecrated sisters, brothers, deacons and priests. The Lord has a proven track record of doing a lot with so little.

This is our collection. This is our moment to shine and support vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and religious life for the Diocese of Shreveport. With your gift, we educate and spiritually form men for priestly and diaconal ministry in the Church and women and men for consecrated life.

Please join your sacrificial generosity to the dedicated and persistent efforts of Fr. David Richter, Director of Church Vocations for our diocese. Your financial support is a significant part of his nurturing vocations that are watered, fertilized and brought to harvest. Please view the vocations poster in your parish and see the faces of our men in formation to become priests of God. Know there are many faces not on the poster who are being courted and cultivated for ordained ministry and consecrated life.

Home Mission Appeal
(Announcement: April 15 & 22 Collection: April 28 & 29)
The Catholic Home Missions Appeal strengthens the Catholic Church in the U.S. and its territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific where resources are thin and priests are few. This collection reaches out to those Catholics and un-churched souls in impoverished zones of our nation, especially rural locations. Your generous sacrifice makes it possible to bring the light of Christ, the Catholic faith, to those who do not have easy access to it. Through this collection, you and I are Christ who went to all the neighboring towns and villages to announce the Good News.

The further away from town one gets, the fewer the resources and limited availability of priests. Through your participation in this collection, assistance is given to 87 dioceses. The Home Mission Appeal funds a wide range of pastoral services, including evangelization, religious education, mission parishes, training of seminarians and lay ministers, and ministry with ethnic groups.
Our mission diocese is one of the recipients of a large grant from the Home Mission Appeal. Please give generously and know that your generosity will be returned to us in a very tangible and sizeable manner so that we can continue to do the work of Christ and build the city of God.

Diocesan Wide Youth Rally Coming to Ruston in April


by John Vining, Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Diocese of Shreveport is gearing up for its annual Youth Rally. This year the rally is headed back east and will take place at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston. This year’s event is chocked full of great speakers, breakout sessions and music. Here are the basics:

Who is coming?  Steve Angrisano!
Our diocese is extremely privileged to have a talent sof Steve’s caliber to minister to us this April. Passionate about youth, passionate about the message of Christ, passionate about ministry, Steve will bring inspiring messages to North Louisiana.

What will we learn and discuss?
Priests, religious men and women and the lay faithful will present topics on beliefs and practices, the faith community, scripture, pro-life and emotions from a Catholic perspective.

Where is this taking place? Louisiana Tech University
The Student center offers a large meeting space. Registrations take place at Tolliver Hall across from it, but I encourage you to pre-register with the diocese and purchase your t-shirt today! The cost is only $10 a person.

When? Saturday April 14 from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Breakfast will be provided during registration from 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Java City will be open if students and adults would like to purchase coffee.

What is the food like? Excellent!
During lunch the student center will open up Burger Studio, Montague’s Deli, and even Chick Fil-A. Prices are very reasonable.

Why go?
Your diocese has a passion for every person in North Louisiana and beyond. We earnestly endeavor to share the love of Christ with everyone we meet because we know Christ changes people! He heals, he provides, he nurtures people’s lives. Not only do we have a spectacular group of breakout session leaders, we also have a group of adults expressing their love for you as they devote their time. You will be encouraged, uplifted, prayed for and have your Catholic faith strengthened.

Please join our speakers, priests and a host of faith-filled youth coming together in Christ’s name the Saturday after Easter in Ruston. We have something wonderful to share: the Love of Christ!