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Teacher Appreciation at Jesus the Good Shepherd School

Jesus the Good Shepherd School celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week, February 25 – 28. Teachers were provided daily meals, sweet treats and goodies donated by JGS families, friends, parishioners and local businesses. On Thursday, the teachers enjoyed an off-campus meal at The Warehouse #1 Restaurant. It was a truly wonderful week! The teachers and staff of JGS are thankful for the love and support of their JGS families and community.

Be More: Northwest Louisiana Catholic Schools Unite

by Jessica Rinaudo

The three Catholic schools in the Shreveport-Bossier area, Loyola College Prep, St. John Berchmans Catholic School and St. Joseph Catholic School, are joining forces. Together school principals, school council members, communications professionals, priests and superintendent Sr. Carol Shively, OSU, have begun meeting to discuss working together to share resources and create a unified Catholic school system in northwest Louisiana.

As part of this effort, several initiatives have launched. The first was to assemble committees, each with a different focus from finances to marketing. The marketing social media team has already begun their work by launching a Shreveport / Bossier Catholic Schools joint Facebook page, where news from all three schools, and in a particular way, news of the schools working together, can be shared with all of those who support Catholic education in the Shreveport / Bossier area.

The Facebook page launched officially in conjunction with Catholic Schools Week 2019, and each day of that week highlighted what the three schools do for their school families, the community and one another. Together the three schools are showing how their students can “Be More,” by attending Catholic schools.

Catholic Schools Week closed with an All Schools Mass at Loyola College Prep – the first to be held in many years – where the three schools celebrated Mass together.  The new Facebook page was used as a platform to live stream Father Matthew Long’s homily at the Mass, in which he fittingly spoke about how together, our schools build the future.

“We are the smallest school system in Northwest Louisiana… A lot of people would look at that and say that’s a bad thing…  But if we listen to the words of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we know that it’s a good thing, because we are blessed as administrators, as faculty members and as students that we have the ability to know… every one of our students, every one of our peers, every one of our faculty members. … This means we can be more like a family than an organization,” said Fr. Long.

He continued, “But you see, from that small seed of St. John’s and St. Joseph’s and Loyola is the future of northwest Louisiana. It’s the future of our community. It’s the future of our state. It’s the future of our nation. You are the ones who are being cultivated. You are the ones who are being taken care of. You are the ones who are being loved. You are the ones who are being given so much so that when you go forth, you will be able to be leaders. … Because you have received all the tools you need from these Catholic schools.”

“To all of you who are students, I think you should go home and tell your parents, ‘Thank you for making the sacrifice, thank you for loving me so much that you are willing to give me the best that you can.’”
Fr. Long also asked the Loyola students to stand up who attended St. John Berchmans School and St. Joseph School and pointed them out to all the elementary schools in attendance and encouraged them to “be one of the coolest kids in the City of Shreveport and to follow in their footsteps.”

Additionally, as part of this joint schools’ effort, Sr. Carol Shively, OSU, recently brought in a Catholic schools expert, Sr. Carol Cimino, SSJ, Ed.D, to speak to the collective group about different scenarios for both improving our Catholic schools and ways to help them create a bright future.

There are many exciting things happening for Catholic schools in the Shreveport / Bossier area. To follow along, visit and like the Facebook page at

Seminarian Gives Students Church History Lesson

When Seminarian Jeb Key decided to spend his pastoral year at St. Joseph Parish, he probably thought he would be the only one learning and growing in faith. The 8th grade class of St. Joseph School, however, has learned from him. When Jeb heard that 8th grade students were approaching the date of the ACRE test (Assessment of Child/Youth Religious Education), which includes Church history, he volunteered to share what he has learned in seminary with them. He presented information about such topics as the Eastern and Western Churches, the Battle of Milvian Bridge, and the Crusades, and created a Google slide presentation, which the students then used to create study sets for themselves.


Joe Landreneau Inspires Faith and Law at Loyola

by Bianca Stakes

Joe Landreneau joined the Loyola family as a law teacher after years of work as an attorney in private and public legal practice. Devoted to Catholicism and law studies, he has brought a special experience to learning the ins and outs of court proceedings.

Landreneau began his secondary education career as an instructor in Huntington High School’s law and business magnet program before bringing his expertise to Loyola in August. The Flyers always strive for academic excellence, but the objective of secondary education for Landreneau goes beyond curriculum and straight to the hearts of students.

“I see teaching as a service-oriented opportunity,” Landreneau said. “Serving the underlying mission of the Church and the community of Shreveport by building strong, ethical leaders for the future matters to me.”

Landreneau’s course design has students starting the fall semester focused on court proceedings and finishing the spring semester focused on a business law perspective.

Each of his law studies students participates in Mock Trial, which allows students to develop greater knowledge of court proceedings in civil and criminal cases. Students are also encouraged to participate in Loyola’s inaugural Flyers and Buyers business expose in the spring to present business pitches to a panel of established entrepreneurs.

Landreneu’s involvement in Mock Trial pairs with service as an assistant coach on the football team. He believes this additional time with students invites further engagement in the classroom and more opportunities to be the example of faith he has in Catholic education.

“We’re on a mission to build the kingdom of God, and that’s not something that just happens by chance. You have to work at it and develop habits along the way,” Landreneau said.

“There are teachers from when I was in Catholic school that helped me develop habits that have served me well, particularly when I’ve been in professional environments that have been hostile to my faith. That’s what I see as important in this very formative time of life, during their high school years, and if they can form those habits now, when they go off to college and off to start working in a professional environment, they can carry that faith life with them.”

Savant & Dufrene Named St. Joseph Students of the Year

St. Joseph Catholic School is proud to announce our Students of the Year for 2018-2019:  (5th grade) Ezekiel Savant, (8th grade) Audrey Dufrene. Each year, members of the faculty and staff volunteer to form a committee that interviews each candidate as part of the process for choosing a Student of the Year to represent SJS.  The caliber of candidates each year makes it difficult on this committee, and this year was no different.  All candidates exhibit dedication to their studies, leadership skills, a strong Catholic identity and exemplary behavior in the classroom.

Zeke Savant has attended SJS since PreK-3.  He is smart, well rounded, and works very hard. He is very responsible, a great friend to everyone, and is always willing to help others. Audrey Dufrene has been a Falcon since K-5. She is self motivated, goes above and beyond, and she always puts forth the maximum effort. She is kind, helpful and very smart.
This year also brought about the return of a Christmas play to SJS, a great performance called, “Believe,” by Faye Couch Reeves.  The entire student body participated in this performance, either as a class, singing Christmas carols between scenes, or as an actor.  The play centers around a child who wants to believe in Christmas, but is struggling to find peace in the midst of greed, busy schedules and shopping. From Pre-K3 through 8th grade, the play offered both beautiful sounds of the Christmas season, as well as a great message for all who strive to focus on the birth of the Christ child.

JGS School Announces Pre-K 2 Program

Coming August 2019, Jesus the Good Shepherd School is excited to announce the expansion of their successful pre-kindergarten program to include Pre-K2. The Pre-K program at JGS currently consists of two sections of Pre-K3, two sections of Pre-K4 and will now include two sections of Pre-K2. Children who are 2 years of age by September 1, 2019 will be eligible for enrollment. Registration for the Pre-K2 program will begin in February. For inquiries, please call the JGS school office at 318-325-8569.

Gill Selected to Sing in All-State Choir

St. Frederick High School student Anna Grace Gill was selected to participate in the LA-ACDA All-State Choir in November where she had the privilege of working with world-renowned composer, Z. Randall Stroope. This also qualified her to represent SFHS at the District One Honor Choir at the University of LA at Monroe in January. Anna Grace is the daughter of Mitchell & Monique Gill. Pictured are Anna Grace, her mother Monique Gill, and Jennifer Patterson, SFHS choir director.

St. John’s Second Graders Welcome Newly Baptized Babies

St. John Berchmans School’s 2nd grade First Holy Communion class created cards for the newly baptized babies at the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans. They delivered the cards to Family Life Director, Dotye Sue Stanford, who will deliver them to the families.

Haney Named Fatima’s Student of the Year

Our Lady of Fatima School has named their 5th grade Student of the Year, Luke Haney. He and his parents Randy and Stephanie Haney, are pictured.

SJS Dedicates Memorial to Msgr. Clayton

As pastor of St. Joseph Parish and School from 1969-93, Msgr. Murray Clayton was many things to many people: shepherd, storyteller, father, musician, counselor, activist and friend. Three years after his passing, he has been honored for his role as a dear friend to the Hispanic community both here and in Mexico, and as a shepherd of this parish.

In the 1970’s, Msgr. Clayton instituted a “Gourmet Club,” which is still going strong today. Recently, when the St. Joseph Supper Club (formerly the Gourmet Club) sought to honor his memory, they chose to purchase a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who appeared to St. Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531. On December 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph Parish and School gathered to dedicate the statue, beginning with a Mass in Spanish, concelebrated by Fr. Matthew Long and Parochial Vicar, Fr. Fidel MondragÓn. The SJS fourth grade Spanish class sang, “La Guadalupana” after Communion. After Mass, those gathered moved outside to the door of the Adoration Chapel, where the statue now stands.

The plaque on the statue reminds viewers of Our Lady’s patronage, as well as the years of service offered by a beloved pastor. It reads, “Our Lady of Guadalupe Patroness of the Americas I am your merciful Mother in memory of Rev. Msgr. C. Murray Clayton Pastor 1969 – 1993.