Monthly Archives: September 2014

St. John Berchmans School Had Two Special Guests

St. John Berchmans School was honored to have special guests visit their school on August 15. Bishop Michael Duca presided over the school Mass and then blessed each of the classrooms. He was joined by visiting priest, Fr. Felix van Meerbergen, Pastor of St. Sulpice Church in Diest, Belgium. St. Sulpice Church is where St. John Berchmans was baptized as a child.  Fr. Felix visited with students and answered questions about their patron saint, St. John Berchmans. Pictured with Bishop Duca and Fr. Felix are Fr. Peter Mangum, Pastor of the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans, and Principal Jo Cazes.

St. Frederick Students Attended Red Mass

The Junior Class of St. Frederick Catholic High School attended the Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, historically known as the Red Mass, at St. Matthew Parish on Friday, September 5.

Loyola Students Attended Louisiana Youth Seminar

Loyola College Prep’s Ashley Spain, Sabrina Mashburn, Max Morgan and Jonathan Li attended Louisiana Youth Seminar this summer as part of the week long leadership camp held on the campus of Louisiana State University.

During LYS, students go through a series of skill building exercises focused on leadership skills. Through a series of hands on experiences, they use their newly developed skills in a group setting to discover that leadership is not merely a matter of position or authority, but a matter of action.

The Loyola students had a blast at LYS and brought home many memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. They learned leadership skills that they will use towards bettering the student organizations at LCP and their community. LYS is highly recommended for any rising junior or senior that would like to obtain new leadership and communication skills, and also create some indescribable bonds with other high school students from across the state.

Jesus the Good Shepherd Students Won PACER Test

Kathy Terracina, Jesus the Good Shepherd School’s new PE coach, told her students that winners of the PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) test would get to drench her in ice cold water. Sixth graders Camille Bonnecaze,Victoria Frusha, Alex Rightsell and Nelson Sparks were the winners!

St. Joseph School Celebrated Bingo and Burgers

St. John Joseph School hosted Bingo and Burgers Night at East Ridge Country Club on August 23. This was a chance for SJS parents to meet their new priests, Fr. Mark Franklin and Fr. Michael Thang’wa, and have good food and good fun doing it!  Pictured: Fr. Michael with Sr. Ann Middlebrooks, showing off his prize!

Bishop Duca Celebrated Mass at Our Lady of Fatima School

Bishop Duca celebrated Mass with Our Lady of Fatima School and afterwards visited classrooms. Pictured: Bishop Michael Duca visits Ms. Courtney Dean’s PreK-4 class.

Hispanic Teens Had a Successful Busqueda Retreat

The Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry had a successful fifth retreat for local Hispanic teens during BUSQUEDA V in Scottsville, TX. A special thanks to everyone for their prayers and for the team and Fr. Price, Fr. Francis, Fr. Al, Fr. Rigo, Sr. Lizbeth and seminarian Martin Aviles-Vazquez for their help and support during this retreat.

Dr. Jawahar Spoke at St. Joseph Parish

On Tuesday, July 29th, Dr. Ajay Jawahar, father of Stuti Jawahar, spoke at St. Joseph Parish – Shreveport about his faith throughout the ordeal of his daughter’s life changing automobile accident in January 2012. Dr. Jawahar spoke of Stuti’s strength, courage and faith during her recovery. Stuti’s story and the journey of her family is both inspirational and touching!

St. Theresa’s Circle Honored Clergy

St. Theresa’s Circle honored Rev. Jéan Bosco Uwamungu and Deacon Jerry Diagle, Jr. with an  appreciation dinner held Sept. 2 in the cafeteria. Mrs. Boudreaux and Mrs. Loupe each read prayers for priests and then Rev. Bosco gave the blessing before meal. Everyone enjoyed getting to know their new pastors and sharing a meal with them in appreciation of their service to their community.

Fr. Long Spoke at August Magnificat Brunch

Both men and women were invited to attend  August’s Magnificat Brunch, held at the Catholic Center. During the event, Fr. Long talked about his conversion to the Catholic faith and his journey to the priesthood. Bishop Duca was the special guest. Praise and worship was led by band Broken Chains from St Jude Parish.