Monthly Archives: December 2015

LaTech Catholics Go on Retreat

The annual Louisiana Tech Association of Catholic Tech Students (ACTS) Fall Retreat 2015 centers around team-building exercises and offers an opportunity for old and new ACTS members to get to know one another. This year, this was accomplished with a trip to the Outdoor Wilderness Learning (OWL) Center in nearby Dubach to complete the low ropes challenge course.

With activities that involve both strategizing and some athletic ability, 40 ACTS members spent their Saturday morning scaling 12 foot walls, getting their team over a log suspended eight feet up, or passing through openings in a web-like arrangement of ropes. It pushed students out of their comfort zones, whether physically, mentally, or socially, as they worked together to complete the challenges. It allowed teams to bring together each student’s strengths to work the challenges, whether it be a lightweight frame, a strong build, confident leadership, or practical sensibility. A period of debriefing after each element allowed the teams to evaluate how well they worked together, communicated, and encouraged one another. Cheers echoed as a team member reached down from the top of the wall and successfully pulled up the last student and as a hesitant student trusted her team to “crowd-surf” her off an eight-foot height. With lunch provided by the Women’s Guild of St. Thomas, the morning ended with plenty of food, fellowship, and a great sense of accomplishment.

–  Brother Mike Ward

Bishop Duca Gets Special Greeting at St. Mary of the Pines

Bishop Michael Duca at the Embracing the Mission Gathering at St. Mary of the Pines Parish in Shreveport.
L to R: Catherine Arvizu, Joseline Arvizu, Yamilet  Ledezma, Bishop Michael Duca, Aylin Arvizu,  Divanny Arvizu and Taina Garcia.

Knights of Peter Claver Celebrate Founding

The Knights of Peter Claver was founded November 7, 1909. On Sunday, November 8, the Knights of Peter Claver #144, and the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Peter Claver celebrated the anniversary at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Shreveport. They followed with a Founder’s Day Breakfast at the Golden Corral.
–  Stanley Roque

The Hispanic School of Faith Comes to a Close

School of Faith 2015 consisted of six Saturday classes in Spanish with subjects like “Documents of the Church,” “Spirituality,” “Apologetics” and “History of the Church.” On November 7, 2015, over 30 participants from five parishes completed the course! Congratulations!
- Rosalba Quiroz

Pastoral Musicians Hosted Two Events

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians Shreveport (NAPMS) chapter has hosted two successful events recently. Pictured is the Cantor Intensive Workshop on August 29th with Ms. Joanne Werner from Dallas as the presenter. The workshop was well attended and cantors came away with new ideas and a better understanding of their ministry.

The NAPMS also had a Marian Hymn Festival on October 16. NPM chapter presented a festival of solo, small ensemble and sing-along hymns to the Blessed Virgin Mary with meditations based on the Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

– Suzan Atkins