Catholic Charities: Growing with Gabriel’s Closet and the Little Flower League

by Theresa Mormino

The Little Flower League makes St. Therese bracelets.

At Catholic Charities of Shreveport, we will celebrate our third anniversary this August and we are growing.

Gabriel’s Closet, our program to supply young mothers and their infants with the items they need, is adding an “annex” in the room adjacent to its current space where we’ll have more space for classes for our clients to learn infant and child care and safety, as well as fun classes like crochet to offer them a time of fellowship while they learn a new skill and create something for their little one. This newest room will also house a small maternity area with things just for mom, such as a TV so they can watch helpful and informative videos, and a small library.

Talk about growth! We can barely keep up with the demand for St. Therese bracelets, Director Jean Dresley’s special project that began as a small idea has exploded!  So to help keep up with the demand, we are beginning the “Little Flower League,” a group to work one day a week making the bracelets and keyrings. You can get them online now at They are available for a small donation that you can make online and we will mail them to you. All donations go immediately and directly back into our assistance programs.

We’ve been blessed for the past several weeks to have received publicity through The Times newspaper and KTBS, KSLA, KTLA and KMSS.  All four television stations interviewed members of our staff and some of our clients for stories on immigration and Gabriel’s Closet, and the newspaper printed a story on our programs. It has been a tremendous help to get the word out and allows many more people to learn about us. We have heard from many who wish to volunteer for various programs, those who wanted to give and receive St. Therese bracelets and clients who need our help.

While we grow, we are giving a lot more food from our small pantry to the hungry who come to us in food emergencies. Our pantry could use some help and we could use yours!  There are particular items that go quickly that we would love to restock including: canned tuna and chicken, canned chicken breasts, all types of soups, rice, all kinds of pasta, especially macaroni and spaghetti and all types of boxed dinners. Peanut butter and jelly are good staples to give our clients who have small children. Let us know if you’d like to help in any way. We’d be so glad to have you as part of our team that makes our work possible.

by Theresa Mormino, Catholic Charities

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