Second Collections for August

by Father Rothell Price

The Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection helps the priests and laity of our diocese strengthen the faith of our vibrant Spanish-speaking Catholics and keep them in the fold of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. This year, I am writing this article on the 4th of July, our nation’s Independence Day. I shared in my homily at Mass this morning how our vintage patriotic songs acknowledge God as the author and architect of our unique experience of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Just as our European immigrant fore bearers sacrificed home and kin for various reasons, so too, in our own time, our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters are sacrificing home and kin for the same or similar reasons. Our patriotic hymns acknowledge God’s almighty and protecting hand. Your participation in the Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection helps Hispanic Catholics, who have already sacrificed so much, to not have to sacrifice their Catholic faith as well.

Your heartfelt participation in the Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection makes it possible for our Spanish-speaking Catholics to remain in the Catholic Church and continue growing in their faith. Their dynamic devotion to Jesus and His Saints, especially to the Holy Mother of God under her appearance and title, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is truly inspiring. Driving around our Diocese, you will notice a great number of non-Catholic churches reaching out to our Spanish-speaking Catholics, offering them worship and material services in their native language. This outreach reminds me that we must be at the front of that line walking with those who are our own.  For as the old saying goes, “Charity begins at home.”

Please give generously to our Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection. Lend your encouragement to the pastoral ministry of Fathers Rigo Betancurt, Fidel Mondragon, Al Luis Jost, Mark Watson, Francis Kamau, John Paul Crispin, Joseph Kallookalam, Pat Madden, James Moran, Michael Thang’wa, John Bosco Uwamungu and I.  Help Rosalba Quiroz, Melina Sanchez and the bi-lingual lay leaders in our parishes and missions with Hispanic communities. Your participation in the Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection helps us attend to them with a shepherd’s care in Jesus’ name and yours.

Our Office of Hispanic Ministry’s leadership training, youth and young adult, married couples, whole family retreats, days of reflection, and liturgical ministry training for our devout Hispanic Catholics are the tangible fruits of your participation in this Second Collection. Your loving sacrifice equips individuals, families, and communities to give themselves ever more joyfully in service to the Lord Jesus and His people through the services our Office of Hispanic Ministry provides. The most beautiful expression of your donation is the devout and vibrant Mass participation of our Spanish-speaking

Catholics and the Catholic communities to which they belong to. The Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection is our concrete way of helping our English and Spanish speaking Catholics alike, it also ensures the familial and ecclesiastical bonds of our Spanish-speaking Catholics. Give generously to the Diocese of Shreveport Hispanic Ministry Collection. Help us serve our Hispanic brothers and sisters in the name of Christ, His Church, and you. Please participate as generously as you are able.


I am yours in Christ,

Very Rev. Rothell Price – Diocesan Director of Second Collections