Second Collections for September

By Rev. Rothell Price

Second Collection for September 2019

The Catholic University of America

Collection Dates: September 7th & 8th 

Announcement Dates: August 25th 

& September 1st   


The Catholic University of America Second Collection helps fund college for Catholics across our nation.  Our Catholic voice needs to be heard, more than ever, in our nation.  Our Catholic values need to be championed.  The light of Christ needs to be held aloft for all to see, know and follow Him.  Catholic men and women in all levels of the marketplace are an essential part of the Church’s missionary activity.  They are front-line evangelizers.  I encourage you to join with the Catholic faithful across our country to make Catholic higher education possible.  You may not have anyone at Catholic University, but every student at CUA is your child, grandchild, brother and sister in the Lord Jesus.  Participate gladly in the Second Collection for The Catholic University of America.

The Catholic University of America Collection prepares and strengthens the now and future proclaimers and explainers of the Catholic faith.  You, by helping them afford a Catholic education, ensure that the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the social teaching of the Church are carried to all levels of our economic society, from the bluest to the whitest collar.  Support scholarships for students who need financial assistance.  Please support the now and next generation of Catholic leaders for our Church and nation.

Since its establishment in 1903, The Catholic University of America has been greatly blessed by the generosity of parishioners across our nation through this national collection.  We know that many families in our country want and desire a higher education for their children.  It is a heavy but worthwhile challenge to cover the cost of education.  I ask you to willingly contribute to the sacrificial giving of Catholics across our country to spiritually and academically prepare the future generations of students, particularly those who have financial need.

More than 12,000 priests and religious are proudly identified as alumni of CUA.  Hundreds of priests and religious attend CUA each year furthering their charge to engage in ongoing priestly and religious formation.  The Catholic University of America’s mission centers on the discovery of knowledge and truth through excellence in teaching and research, all in service to the Church – a service that is greatly needed today.  University faculty and scholars promote Catholic Social teaching and through their research and discourse, help form the Church’s response to challenging social issues of our time.

Please give generously to The Catholic University of America collection. Your heartfelt participation in the second collection is joined to the generosity of CUA alumni, friends, faculty and staff.  Your donation strengthens The Catholic University’s mission. Catholic University is uniquely “our” university.  It is Catholic through-and-through.  Daily Masses, departmental Masses, special occasion Masses, other devotional services and Christian service to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area are just some of the tangible fruits of your participation in the second collection for The Catholic University of America.  Your contribution helps “our” national university move forward, ensuring that current students and future graduates can continue to be God’s light in our world.

Help aspiring men and women. Help Catholic families.  Help spread the Good News and build-up the kingdom of God on earth.  Give generously to the second collection for The Catholic University of America.



Very Rev. Rothell Price