Director of Pastoral Ministry

By Randy G. Tiller

Diocesan Administration, which is often referred to as “the Catholic Center,” has always been envisioned to be a resource and of assistance to our priests, parishes, missions, schools, and the faithful of the diocese. In the past, there have been paths that were pursued in an effort to fulfill the mission.

It is with pleasure, excitement and enthusiasm that we make the following announcement of a NEW path – a new structure for outreach and ministry in our Diocesan Administration.

As of August 5, 2019,  after several discussions of what the future should hold and how it should look, we were fortunate to find an individual with the credentials and qualifications to step up to the plate and assist the Catholic Center as we begin our journey on this new path.

So what is this new role?  Seeing the need for more efforts toward our Youth and Young Adults, Campus Ministry, Hispanic Ministry and other outreach ministries; such as, Prison Ministry, Rachel’s Vineyard, Family Life Ministries, Catechesis, Vocations, Prolife, Liturgy and Worship; it became obvious to the College of Consultors, the Diocesan Administrator, the Moderator of the Curia and the Chancellor that something new and different needed to happen.

Therefore, a new position of responsibility and organization was established to enhance all “pastoral ministries.”  Mr. Mark Loyet, a staff member of Jesus the Good Shepherd Parish in Monroe, will be joining the administrative team within the next month or so to take over the reins of “pastoral ministry.”  First Mr. Loyet will be getting a firm handle on Youth and Young Adult Ministries and Campus Ministry and will then be moving into the other pastoral fields.  He will have a wonderful opportunity to overlap with Mrs. Dianne Rachal, current Director of Worship, before her retirement in December 2019, and to establish a bond and relationship with Mrs. Rosalba Quiroz who will continue as the Director of Hispanic Ministry.

Mr. Loyet has years of experience as a Youth Minister of students in both high school and junior high and recruiting, training and managing teams of volunteers.  He assisted with the March for Life in Monroe, youth leadership camps, directed Teen ACTS retreats, and organized and worked with youth leadership and advisory councils.

In the realm of Catechesis and teaching, Mark has written and implemented lessons and curriculums as well as coordinated Confirmation preparation programs and Protecting God’s Children classes.  He has worked with business managers to maintain budgets in collaboration with pastors and has engaged in extensive fund raising for all youth events. He has taught Sunday School Catechism, been a 7th grade religion teacher, and a Confirmation catechist.

Other pastoral ministries Mr. Loyet has been involved with include Prison Ministry as a Juvenile Detention and Probation Officer, involving assessments which screen for abuse, making recommendations to Juvenile Court, and conducting audits to ensure that they were in compliance with juvenile justice department standards.

Liturgy and worship involvement has included training altar servers, teaching RCIA, coordinating Youth Masses, conferring with church staff and other ministry teams.All of this experience and these skills have been developed and honed in the workplace. His education has taken him to the University of Dallas to study Western Theology and Christology; he received a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of North Texas with relevant courses including Religions of the World, Micro-Counseling, Research Methods, and Human Behavior in the Social Environment.Mr. Loyet has been accepted to pursue a Master’s Degree over the next several years from Holy Apostles College and Seminary while staying on the job and sharing his wisdom and expertise with the Diocese of Shreveport.He has extensive musical training, audio/video engineering, extensive interior and exterior home remodeling, as well as, a youth band member and band leader.

Mr. Loyet was born and raised Catholic.  He and his wife are proud parents of four sons and one daughter.  Talking with Mark, you soon realize that he is a passionate and effective youth mentor, teacher, advocate and coordinator.  “He feels his primary goals in this position should be to collaborate with, support, assist and empower priests and parishes, both their youth and youth ministers in the evangelization, formation, education and commissioning of young people to know, love and live the Gospel through evangelization, catechesis, advocacy, leadership development, service opportunities, pastoral guidance, prayer and reception of the sacraments.”

“There is an appointed time for everything…a time to plant and a time to uproot…a time to tear down and a time to build…a time to keep and a time to cast away…” Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (NAB).

The timing is right for the Diocese of Shreveport to begin this new journey with a fresh approach to our pastoral ministries.

Please welcome Mark Loyet!

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