New Seminarians!

Photo: Seminarians left to right: Kevin Mues, John Bosco Nyirenda, John Parker, Jerry Daigle, Jr., Martin Aviles-Vazquez, Steven Griego, Keith Garvin, Duane Trombetta and Vocations Director Fr. Matthew Long

It seems like only yesterday that I moved to Shreveport and began my assignment as Vocations Director. The reality is that I have been about this work of the Lord for over a year. This year has been one of many ups and downs, but more importantly it has been a year of learning for me. As with any new ministry, I can never be certain exactly what it will entail, but I had to be open to following the Spirit’s lead. Under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception, this year has been extremely fruitful. It has been fruitful to me personally by affirming me in my vocation as a Priest.  It has been fruitful to me in strengthening my relationship with Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother. It has been fruitful to me in building up my hope that the future of the Church in North Louisiana is secure.

Click here to download a printable sheet of seminarians and their contact information.

The true fruit of this year has been an increase in the number of seminarians. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the inspiration of Mary Immaculate we have the largest number of seminarians in the history of our diocese. This is the result of prayer, of the work of priests and religious in our parishes, and the support of the people of God. We were able to maintain all of our seminarians from last year and add three new seminarians this year.  There is only one thing to be said to this, “Thank God” and “Thank you.” We thank God because He is the only one who can call more laborers into the harvest and we thank you the priests, religious and people of the diocese because of your untiring support and prayers for this important work. Although we have accomplished much, that does not mean the hard work is over, it means that it is only just beginning.

With an increase in seminarians comes an increase in the budget for the Office of Vocations. Great sacrifices were made by the entire Catholic Center staff so this could be accomplished and for that the seminarians and I are grateful. Now I ask you the people of the diocese, to continue your support of this important work.  I invite you to adopt a seminarian and pray for him. I encourage you to send our seminarians notes of encouragement and support.  I ask you to send them a gift of some kind to assist them as they prepare themselves to spend their lives in service to Christ and His Church (see pg 15 for their school addresses). I especially implore you to turn to Mary, the Immaculate Conception, and ask her to continue to pour grace upon the work of vocations in our diocese.
“O Mary, conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to Thee.”

by Fr. Matthew Long, Director of Vocations

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