Seminarian Spent summer at St. Jude Church

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend my summer assignment at St. Jude Parish in Bossier City under the supervision of Fr. Pike Thomas and Peggy Moran. Let me just say that St Jude is a very busy parish – never a dull moment!  While at St. Jude I was exposed to the vast ministry opportunities that were constantly going on – even in the summer!  Fr. Pike made sure to include me in the various meetings in the parish, such as those involving the building of the new church. This was very helpful to me in understanding the time involved and the decisions that have to be made when embarking on such a task. Peggy Moran showed me the ropes in what it takes to keep things running for the various Masses and celebrations that are involved in the life of a parish. Peggy also taught me all about church records and the difficulty that can happen when looking up information and how to overcome those obstacles that can arise in that process.

While there was a lot of work, there were also times of great fun!  I had the wonderful experience being St. Paul at Vacation Bible School this summer – the closest I will come to sainthood. Another time of fun and learning was “Lunch with the Seminarian” for Altar Server training – it is amazing how serious and attentive the young people can be when learning their responsibilities of serving at the altar.

There were many other ministries I took part in at St. Jude Chuch, such as grief support, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, feeding the poor, daily Mass, nursing home services, helping with Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) and being available for unexpected events and needs.These times in the life of a parish are so important to the formation of future priest – it allows us to stay connected with those we will hopefully be serving one day, and gives us practical experience in the parish.Thank you Fr. Pike and St. Jude Parish for teaching me and allowing me to experience the fullness of parish life from diverse experiences!

Keith Garvin is in 4th Year Theology at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans, LA.

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