Catholic Summer Camps!

Summer is here!  The schools are standing silent and empty as the children who give them life enjoy a few months of freedom from their confining walls. Those first weeks of summer are the best as those free days stretch endlessly ahead.  As the weeks of summer pass, after the initial joy of being lazy, after a trip to the beach or the lake, suddenly you look around and wonder what to do next?

Luckily the Office of Church Vocations has a plan in place.  This year as summer begins to draw to a close and tedium and boredom set in, the Diocese of Shreveport has something exciting to offer to young men and women. On the weekend of July 11 to 13, the first Beloved Retreat for high school age girls (those completing 8th grade to those completing 12th grade) will be held just outside of Ruston. This camp is being offered by the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows in conjunction with the Office of Church Vocations. It will be a time of growing in faith, growing in fellowship and growing in fun. The day will be interspersed with prayer, inspiring speakers and some really fun activities. We invite all those interested to go to to learn more.

On the weekend of July 25 to 27 the third annual Mission Possible for high school age boys (those completing 8th grade to those completing 12th grade) will be held in a new location just outside of Monroe. We will continue to Pray Hard and have come up with some new activities so that we can continue to Play Hard as well. Our hope is that the camp will continue to grow as it did the first two years from 14 to 32 participants after one year. Our goal is 64 participants for this year.  We invite all those interested to go to to learn more.

This is a great opportunity for the young people of our diocese to grow in their relationship with God, strengthen their commitment to Christ and His Church and to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit as they traverse the difficult years of high school.  It is our prayer that through these retreats they will begin to seek God’s plan for their life and be given the tools to follow it. Please prayerfully consider allowing your sons and daughters this great chance to grow in faith, fellowship and fun in a safe environment. We know that they are your greatest joy and know that we consider them the greatest treasure of the Church in North Louisiana.

by Fr. Matthew Long, Director of Vocations.

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