Boyd Wins Catholic Leadership Award

The Catholic Youth Leadership Award (CYLA) is conducted by the Knights of Columbus. The award dates back to 1960 and each year since then, they have recognized a male and female state winner. The award offers an opportunity to the youth of Louisiana to be recognized as one of the best Catholic students in their school and in the state. The recognition encourages students to hold true to their Catholic values and accept the leadership roles that they will be asked to fill in the future as Catholic leaders. The CYLA is awarded to a Catholic student who is well rounded while keeping his or her Catholic faith a priority. The award looks at a student’s spiritual activity, scholastic achievement, involvement in the community, athletic activity and social activity.

Charlton is very involved with his church, the Cathedral of St. John Berchmans, being a Bishop Altar Server and an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion for Loyola College Prep Masses. Charlton was also a member of the Flyers for Life Club at Loyola and volunteered at Bishop Duca’s Pro Life Banquet. He is also an Eagle Scout who has accumulated over 750 service hours in the last four years.  Despite this involvement, Charlton has maintained good grades and has excelled on the tennis court by winning the 2011 3A State Doubles Championship, with his brother Carter Boyd as his partner, and the 2013 3A Singles State Championship.

In addition to submitting a resume for the award, two interviews that lasted 10 minutes each were conducted by two panels. Charlton had to give a personal background which was followed by two questions from the panel that he had to answer. After answering the questions, Charlton was able to speak on a topic of choice and he spoke about how recent health care changes have infringed upon religious freedom and our Catholic faith. After all 20 interviews were concluded, the judges deliberated and considered the resumes and interviews to decide the winner. Charlton was named the state winner.

“I am honored to be the CYLA winner for Louisiana because my spiritual faith as a Catholic is the most important part of my life,” said Charlton.

Charlton’s brother Carter also won the CYLA in 2012.

by Charlton Boyd

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