Annual Blessing of Cemeteries

The Church seeks to help the faithful departed, especially those souls in purgatory, by earnest prayer to God, and in particular, by remembrance of them on All Souls Day and throughout the month of November. In the communion of Christ’s members with one another, the Church obtains spiritual help for those who have preceded us in faith. This spiritual communion brings the consolation of hope to us who pray for our dearly departed with gratitude, love and devotion.  Our belief in Christ’s resurrection from the dead is the reason we commemorate our faithful departed on All Souls Day and bless their graves. We entrust them once again to the purifying, life-giving love of the One eternal God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our priests and deacons will offer prayers at our local cemeteries on the weekends closest to All Souls Day, our annual commemoration of the faithful departed, on the following dates:

Saturday, October 25
Forest Park Cemetery West, Shreveport        1:00 pm
Rev. James McLelland, Deacon Jeff Chapman,  Deacon Daniel LeMoine

Lincoln Park Cemetery, Shreveport        1:00 pm
Deacon Burt Ainsworth

Round Grove Cemetery, Shreveport        1:00 pm
Rev. Andre McGrath, OFM, Deacon Charles Thomas

Sunday, October 26
Rose-Neath Cemetery, Bossier City        2:00 pm
Deacon Freeman Ligon, Deacon Larry Mills

Forest Park Cemetery East, Shreveport        2:00 pm
Deacon Steve Lehr, Deacon Mike Wise, Deacon Daniel LeMoine

Saturday, November 1
Hillcrest Cemetery, Haughton            2:00 pm
Rev. Karl Daigle, Deacon Bill Roche, Deacon Ricardo Rivera

Centuries Memorial Cemetery, Shreveport    1:00 pm
Rev. Michael Thang’wa, Deacon Mike Whitehead

St. Mary Church, Rambin          Following 10:00 am Mass
Rev. Matthew Long

Graves at Carmel                             5:30 pm
Rev. Matthew Long

Sunday, November 2
St. Joseph Cemetery, Shreveport        2:00 pm
Msgr. Earl Provenza, Deacon John Basco, Deacon Jorge Martinez

Carver Cemetery, Shreveport            2:00 pm
Rev. Mark Franklin, Rev. John Paul Crispin, FHM

St. Ann Church, Stonewall     Following 9:00 am Mass
Rev. Matthew Long

Mansfield Cemetery, Highland Cemetery and St. Francis Cemetery (Frierson)
Following 11:00 am Mass at St. Joseph Parish, Mansfield
Rev. Matthew Long

Consult your local parish for the blessing of graves not listed here, especially at parishes that have Catholic cemeteries.

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