Second Collections: Retirement for Religious & Diocesan Infirm Priests

Collection Dates: December 13 & 14
Announcement Dates: November 30 & December 7

The theme for this collection to assist with the medical care of our 35,000 plus retired nuns, brothers and religious order priests is, “Please give to those who have given a lifetime.”  Senior Catholic sisters, brothers and religious order priests have spent their lives ministering to others, often for little, if any, pay. Their sacrifices now leave their religious communities without adequate savings for their retirement and health care. Your gift to the collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious supports the day-to-day care of roughly 35,000 senior religious, providing necessities such as prescription medications and nursing care.  Please give to those who have given a lifetime.

Collection Dates: December 24 & 25
Announcement Dates: December 14 & 21

This fall, in September, Bishop Duca asked me to visit each of our retired priests in their homes. The bishop asked me to personally represent him and give them the following message from his heart to theirs on his behalf and that of the people of the Diocese.  Bishop Duca asked me to convey to each of them that:

1. He and the people of the diocese have not forgotten them;
2. He will personally visit each of them as soon as is possible;
3. He wanted them to know with certainty, through this visitation, that they were being cared for and assisted as deserving of their many years of service in and to the people of the diocese.

I had the most amazing visits with Fr. Walter Ebarb, Msgr. Franz Graef, Fr. Murray Clayton, Fr. Roger McMullen, Fr. Patrick Scully, Bishop William Friend, Msgr. Edmund Moore, Fr. John Kennedy, Fr. Joe Puthuppally and Fr. Ken Williams. These retired priests and bishop are doing well in their senior years. They were deeply moved that the bishop and people of the diocese remember them and visited them, and are concerned about and committed to their on-going care. This was my grand “second joyful mysteries of the Rosary” experience this year, “The Visitation.”  Please give to the care of these servants of God who have fruitfully served us.

Fr. Rothell Price, Vicar General, is the Director of Special Collections.

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