December Second Collections: National Retirement Fund for the Religious & Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund

Msgr. Franz Graef is one of many priests assisted by the Diocesan Infirm Priests' Fund.

I am so happy to enter this YEAR OF MERCY.  Just the thought of God’s mercy gives me such courage, hope and joy.  His love gives me the desire to acknowledge and eradicate my sinful imperfections. His faithfulness gives me a tremendous sense of security. His compassion makes me want to please Him all the more. I am so grateful to Pope Francis for promulgating this Year of Mercy.  I will take full advantage of this year of spiritual graces by personally making pilgrimage to the Cathedral, entering through the Holy Door to bow humbly before our merciful God.

An amazing “year of mercy” has begun! Two collections occur in this month that begin our new liturgical year and end our current calendar year: the National Retirement Fund for Religious Collection, and the Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund Collection.

Collection Dates:  December 12 & 13
Announcement Dates: November 29 & December 6
P lease give to those who have given a lifetime.”  Our first special collection in December is for The National Retirement Fund for Religious. Aging religious need your help. Senior Catholic sisters, brothers and religious order priests spent years working in Catholic schools, hospitals, and agencies – often with little pay. Their sacrifices leave their religious communities without adequate savings for retirement and eldercare. Your gift to the Retirement Fund for Religious collection helps to provide prescription medications, nursing care and more. More than 35,000 retired nuns, brothers and religious order priests are counting on the Church to give as generously to them as they have given to the Lord and His holy people. Please give to those who have given a lifetime. Thank you for your charitable mercy to those who have given a lifetime by your grateful participation in the National Retirement Fund for Religious.

Collection Dates:  December 24 & 25
Announcement Dates: December 13 & 20
In this Year of Mercy, I invite you to demonstrate God’s generous mercy to our Diocese of Shreveport infirmed priests. This year we blessed with funeral rites four of our beloved priests, three of whom were retired.  With great love and care we commend to God: Father David Richter, who was still a decade-plus away from retirement, Bishop William Friend, Monsignor Eddie Moore and Monsignor Murray Clayton.

Some of our active and retired priests currently struggle with long or short term maladies, or the natural decline which is part of the aging process. Despite their unique crosses, they press on in their love of God and service to His people. We want to assure them that they are not forgotten and will be properly cared for by the bishop and people of our diocese. Please pray for their strength and joy in the Lord.

An outpouring of mercy from the People of God will lift their spirits, lighten their anxiety and give them comfort and hope in their present need. Your continued prayers and your heartfelt charity will be their God-sent signs of mercy. Please give generously to the care of these priests of our diocese.  Thank you for your participation in the Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund Collection.

by Fr. Rothell Price

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