Mercy in Action: Students Help Catholic Charities


During the Year of Mercy, we are taking a look at some of the tangible acts of mercy that are being done in our diocese all the time. Look for this column each month to see how others and you can be involved in making the world a better place through acts of love and mercy.


The family has been the focus of the Catholic Church and especially our Holy Father, Francis, this year.  We hear time and again that parents are to be the primary teachers in their children’s life, not just in school work, but more importantly, in their faith life.  St. Joseph School can boast of many wonderful families who do just that every day, but one couple truly put Christ-like mercy in action with their daughter and her classmates recently by celebrating her birthday in a very unique way.  Mike and Susan Henson held a surprise birthday party for their daughter, Lauren, a sixth grade student at St. Joseph School, and invited her entire sixth grade class – all 40 of them. But if they came to the party, each guest was asked to bring canned goods, rather than gifts.

“I never decided on what kind of party I was going to have, but I decided I didn’t want people to bring presents, but canned goods. My mom told every single one of my classmates that they were having a surprise party for me and to bring canned goods. Not a single kid told me about the surprise party…. The two best parts about this Birthday were that I could spend it with my friends and that I got to help out Catholic Charities!”

And they did. All donations collected were given to Catholic Charities of North Louisiana.

Jean Dresley, Director of Catholic Charities, said, “Catholic Charities of North Louisiana is extremely grateful to St. Joseph Catholic School’s sixth grade class for hosting a food drive!  We are always in need of non-perishable items, especially this time of year.  We cannot thank them enough.”

by Polly Maciulski

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