Second Collections and Programs in February

Collection Dates:  February 10th  
Announcement Dates: January 31st & February 7th

T he poster for this year’s Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe is especially endearing.  It features a captivating image of a mother and freshly bathed child. The happy mama is lovingly focused on this child who requires/needs so much of her. Our heavenly Father’s eyes and heart are fixed mercifully on us. The theme for this year’s Collection for Aid to the Church in Central and Eastern Europe is “Restore the Church, Build the Future.” Each year, the Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe assists Catholics who live in countries once dominated by the Soviet regime in order to rebuild their communities.  Show the Father’s mercy to our brothers and sisters in Central and Eastern Europe who still feel poverty, have infrequent pastoral care, and lack buildings for worship. Your support is needed to strengthen the Church in this region through grants that promote ministries for children and families, create affordable housing, and provide a cultural and spiritual education.  Please be generous in your parish collection.  Your gift will continue to restore the Church and build the future in Central and Eastern Europe.

Collection Dates: February 10th – March 27th
Ash Wednesday – Easter Sunday
Announcement Dates: January 31st & February 7th 

O peration Rice Bowl is a project of Catholic Relief Services (CRS).  CRS is our unique Catholic complementary counterpoint to the Red Cross.  It is easy to confuse this season-long spiritual program with the annual collection.  They are not the same.  The Rice Bowl program extends from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, while the CRS Collection is taken up on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.  This year’s Rice Bowl program is titled, “For Lent, For Life.”  The Rice Bowl offers families, schools and faith communities an opportunity to prayerfully journey through Lent, putting their faith in action, and learning about the lives and struggles of our brothers and sisters around the world. Operation Rice Bowl allows us to express our Faith in Action, and see tangible results.  Look for the Rice Bowl in our Catholic schools and parishes prior to Ash Wednesday.  Increase your Easter Day joy by presenting your CRS Rice Bowl to our Risen Lord on Easter Sunday in your parish collection.

Collection Dates: February 13th & 14th   
Announcement Dates:     January 31st & February 7th

The Black and Indian Missions Collection exists to help communities build the Church and preach the Gospel of Jesus among the African American, Native American and Alaska Native people of God.  Every year, it is the amazing generosity of Catholic faithful just like you who enable the Black and Indian Mission Office to support the following priorities: enlivening parish life and catechesis, helping educators reach kids, encouraging vocations and empowering evangelizers. Proceeds from this collection are distributed as grants to dioceses supporting and strengthening evangelization programs, which would otherwise be in danger of disappearing among the Black, American Indian, Eskimo and Aleute communities of the United States.  In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, “Be Merciful like the Father.”  Self-sacrifice and generosity are among Our Father’s greatest attributes, gifts, and mercies to us. Please give generously to this work of the Church.

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