Q&A with Catholic Charities’ Lucy Medvec

Lucy Medvec began work at Catholic Charities of North Louisiana on January 4, filling the role of director of development and communications. Her job will be instrumental in helping raise awareness of Catholic Charities of North Louisiana and the ministries they provide to help those most in need in our community, as well as assisting in raising funds to support one of the social justice arms of the Church.

Q: Welcome to Catholic Charities of North Louisiana! You have a background of working in development for hospitals and Catholic schools. Catholic Charities is a little bit different from those ministries. What do you look forward to most as you begin your job with Catholic Charities of North Louisiana?

What I look forward to most is the opportunity to interact with so many people; whether it will be our clients and their families, our volunteers, or our donors. We can all come together to make such a difference in our community and I want to get out there and let people know what they can do to help those who are in need. I have lived with my family in Shreveport for over 20 years and have worked in the non-profit community for a variety of organizations.  I like to say that if there is a non-profit in our community, it’s highly likely that I have worked for, volunteered, or donated money to it!  I have worked within the Diocese of Shreveport for the last eight years and am honored to be called to serve in this ministry.

Q: Development is an important part of any non-profit organization. Why is it so integral to the support of Catholic Charities of North Louisiana?

Every day, Catholic Charities of North Louisiana responds to the needs of many in our community who are struggling. We are one of many organizations who can provide assistance to those who need help and get them in a place where they can get back on their feet. Every donation we receive is greatly appreciated and put to good use. We take our role as stewards seriously and like to work with donors to make their gifts count. We have many viable programs at Catholic Charities that help so many, but they can only be successful with the support of our donors and volunteers.

Q: Catholic Charities of North Louisiana has put down strong roots in Shreveport with several well established programs to help people in our community help themselves and is now beginning to expand East. What is one of your greatest hopes for the future of CCNLA?

With the opening of our satellite office in Monroe this February, we are now able to reach a larger population of North Louisiana. It is amazing to see how large our diocese is and how Catholic Charities of North Louisiana reaches all corners of the region. My hope for the coming year is to expand our base of support (time, talent and treasure) throughout the diocese so we can touch thousands of lives who need us most. We have just completed our fifth year of service in Shreveport and see the coming year as one of expansion and growth.

Q: Pope Francis has announced a “Year of Mercy,” and it seems like Catholic Charities is a natural extension of the corporal works of mercy. What are some of the ways CCNLA is embracing this Year of Mercy? 

Pope Francis’ teachings on mercy speak directly to our organization’s mission to bring Christ’s message of love to the poor and vulnerable by providing quality social services to families and individuals without discrimination. Pope Francis has asked each of us this year to be vessels of God’s mercy for others. Through both corporal and spiritual works of mercy, we all have the opportunity to embody our faith on a daily basis.

Q: The Year of Mercy is a great opportunity to get more people, especially Catholics, involved in helping one another. What are some of the ways for people to get involved with CCNLA?

One thing I like most about Catholic Charities is that we reach people of all ages and faiths, whether they are clients, volunteers or donors – it is truly for everyone. We have dedicated volunteers who work with Gabriel’s Closet (items for low-income mothers and children, parenting classes), assist with immigration integration services and help us with other ministries. There are volunteer opportunities for all levels of involvement and we can help you find your place. I would love for our base of support to grow throughout our diocese and the community as a whole.  We do great things here every day and it is an amazing opportunity to be able to serve those who need us most.

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