Pro-Life Speaker Engages Students

It isn’t often that a nationally-known pro-life speaker comes to Ruston, but that’s just what happened the last week of March. Bulldogs for Life, the pro-life organization at Louisiana Tech, sponsored Aimee Murphy of Life Matters Journal to speak on the Louisiana Tech campus.

Aimee, a rather unconventional pro-lifer, arrived by Greyhound bus sporting a “This is What a Pro-Life Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt and a multicolored hairstyle. Right out of college, she founded Life Matters Journal, a non-partisan publication that addresses human rights issues. Now at 27, she travels around the country to speak at conferences, rallies and universities.

Her first appearance on Tech’s campus involved a tabling display. She invited students to participate in a survey using a banner that read “Who Deserves Human Rights?” and showed pictures of all kinds of people – including POWs at Guantanamo, unborn children and death row inmates. Students used sticky notes to identify those they believe deserve human rights, while she and Bulldogs for Life members engaged the participants as to why they chose or excluded those they did.

The underlying message – they all deserve human rights. The following night, Aimee spoke to a crowd of nearly 60 students about the fundamental dignity of the human person, a dignity that is not dependent on size or usefulness or good behavior. She gave a message of compassion and peace, teaching her listeners to love not only the idea of human rights, but the human too.

by Courtney Smith

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