Growing Confident Catholics

by Shelly Bole

Are you a parent who is constantly trying to keep up with the family schedule?  Is it hard for you to find time to pray, let alone as a family?  Do you want your family to become a little more holy?

The Church knows the struggles that families face and they know the crazy questions like: “Were there dinosaurs on the ark?” and “Does God take naps?” And then there are those questions from teenagers and adults, “Why does the Church/Bible say sex should be saved for marriage?” “Why do I have to honor my father and mother?”

In response to requests received during the Into the Deep parish visits, the Office of Catechesis is sponsoring a series of seminars for catechists, parents and other inquiring adults.  In Growing Confident Catholics, we will help parents, grandparents and catechists find these answers.

The second part of this series is the Forming Families of Faith webinars.  In this two part webinar, parents, grandparents and catechists will discover the beauty of the Domestic Church along with concrete applicable tools for helping families know Jesus and grow in holiness.

Please join us Tuesdays, October 18 and 25 at 8:30 p.m. for the Forming Families of Faith online webinars.  Special guests include Pat and Lisha Harrington and Roxanne and Matthew Chumley.
Please register online at or call 318-219-7266.  •

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