Diocese is Seeking New Deacon Candidates

God is Calling – Are You Listening?
Diocese is Seeking New Deacon Candidates
by Deacon Clary Nash

The call to service is a call to the entire community, not just a select few.  God’s plan is that we serve one another.  The Diaconate is an order of the Church committed to service.  The word deacon derives from the Greek word for service.  As an ordained member of the clergy, a permanent deacon is unlike the transitional deacon, which is the first order to the priesthood.  A permanent deacon is ordained to the order of deacon for life.

The diaconate formation is established by the Church to encourage, support and train Catholic men to fulfill a need in the Church and who feel called by God to offer their lives to the Lord in service.  Deacons serve the community in many ministries. Deacons are official clergy in the Church, although they lead lay lifestyles. Most are married, have families and secular jobs while serving the Church and society.

The diaconate continues to grow in the United States. Today there are over 15,000 ordained deacons serving the needs of ministry. Over 3,000 are preparing for ministry of the diaconate in the United States.

The Diocese of Shreveport is again seeking men who are being called into service. A sense of excitement is felt for these men who answer the call, for the Church and the community they live in. They will enrich the lives of their families, church community, friends, neighbors and fellow workers.  They will do this by proclaiming and living the good of God’s love for His creation. The third diaconate formation will begin in September 2017 to fulfill the need for more deacons. This formation will also offer an Advanced Catholic Education Certificate from the University of Dallas for those not seeking ordintation. The application and selection process are underway.

The call to service is a call to the entire community.  These men and their families will need your prayers, financial support through the Bishop’s Annual Service Appeal and your personal support.  Some men, traveling long distances across our diocese, will bring their wives and family and will need extra considerations.  God’s plan is that we serve one another in a win-win relationship.

For more information or to schedule a presentation about this in your parish, please call Deacon Clary Nash, Director of Permanent Deacon Formation Program, at 318-868-4441, or go online to the Diocese of Shreveport website at www.dioshpt.org/ministries/permanent-diaconate.  •

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