Second Collections for Infirm Priests & Religious


Announcement Dates: November 27th & December 13th
Collection Dates: December 10th & 11th

Our first opportunity to show mercy in the new liturgical year is to “Please give to those who have given a lifetime.”  That phrase remains the theme for the Retirement Fund for Religious.  Today, many senior religious continue to be vessels of mercy, serving in a wide range of volunteer and prayer ministries. Others are frail and need our assistance. Most older religious ministered for small stipends, leaving a substantial gap in their retirement savings. With the ever-rising cost of healthcare and an increased number of those needing care, many religious communities struggle to provide for aging members.  Please give to those who have given a lifetime.

Your gift to the Retirement Fund for Religious collection provides vital support for medications, nursing care and more.  It also helps religious communities implement long-term retirement strategies that ensure both quality eldercare and continued service to the people of God. One of the lessons we gratefully learned from this past Year of Mercy is that these women and men religious, through their service and witness, modeled the compassionate love of Jesus and showed us that we can also be instruments of peace and mercy.  Thank you for your participation in the Retirement Fund for Religious.

Announcement Dates: December 11th & 18th  
Collection Dates: December 24th & 25th

Our second opportunity to show mercy in this new liturgical year is to donate joyfully to our Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund.  The story and needs of our infirm diocesan priests is similar to that of retired women and men religious. They have been steadfast models of the compassionate love of Jesus. Continuing the work of mercy beyond the Jubilee Year is to live out and demonstrate God’s gracious care for our infirmed priests. The Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund collection blesses us with the opportunity to show generous mercy in the care of the priests of our diocese who have so lovingly served us.

This year, we honored with Christian burial two of our retired priests, our beloved Father Roger McMullen and our beloved Msgr. Franz Graef.  With great love, wisdom, kindness and mercy they lived out their priestly vocations close to the Lord Jesus and perfumed with the odor of their flocks.  In their senior years, they and their loved ones constantly expressed gratitude for the love, attention and assistance they were given.

Our remaining retirees, Fr. Walter Ebarb, Fr. Richard Lombard, Fr. Joseph Puthuppally, Fr. John Kennedy, Fr. Patrick Scully and Fr. Kenneth Williams are depending on us.  A few of our active priests struggle with medical issues as well.  Whether it is long or short term maladies, or the natural decline which is part of the aging process, the infirmed priests of the Diocese of Shreveport are strengthened by our prayers and assistance. Your participation in our Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund collection is that ongoing Spiritual and Corporal Mercy that brings strength and joy to them. Thank you for your participation in the Diocesan Infirm Priests’ Fund Collection.

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