Leadership Changes at St. Frederick High School in Monroe

New Principal Blair David

New President Bob Webber

Bishop Michael G. Duca of the Diocese of Shreveport is pleased to announce that after several years of working to transition their academic focus from a traditional classroom environment to a science-centered focus around technology and engineering, St. Frederick High School, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, will appoint Mr. Blair David, formally the STREAM director and vice-principal, as principal of the school effective July 1, 2017.  Along with this change, current principal Dr. Bob Webber will be moving into the role of president, also effective July 1, 2017.

By making this change, David will concentrate on the academic success of St. Frederick High School and continue to place an emphasis on the science, technology and engineering curriculum. St. Frederick plans further utilization of Dr. Webber’s experience in community relations and his strong regional ties to build new relationships and strengthen existing partnerships.  The student experience at St. Frederick will be enhanced by these changes and the staff and student body are excited about the upcoming academic year.

St. Frederick and its stakeholders are thrilled to be moving full steam (or as St. Frederick likes to say…full STREAM) ahead by providing the best educational environment in northeast Louisiana for students in grades seventh through twelfth.  St. Frederick High School is committed to providing a superior student experience that is grounded in faith, academic excellence and community engagement.  Everyone is invited to visit the school and see the exciting things that are happening. Please contact St. Frederick’s at 318-323-9636 to schedule your visit to our growing and diverse campus! •

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