Help Collect Socks for Prison Ministry

by Mary Morgan, Prison Minister

Our feet are very important to us and just like Dr. Seuss wrote, “they all look different: little feet, big feet, long feet, short feet, white, brown, black or yellow feet.” Feet are everywhere and God loves them all. Jesus did a lot of walking and talking about them. He let a woman wash his feet and was pleased when she anointed them. At the Last Supper he washed the apostles’ feet.

Why am I writing about feet? Because I have discovered a need. Back in the early 90’s a mother in my parish was making visits to see her son in the parish jail. I felt in my heart the phrase, “Offer to go with her.” What began as a message from the Holy Spirit eventually turned into a calling to assist in Prison Ministry, and those heart messages have never stopped coming. Since that time I have visited many correctional centers and written many letters to prisoners.

Today, I have this dream to tell you about – a Christmas starting in July dream. On one of my weekly visits to the Bossier Max facility, I noticed the worn out white socks on most of the prisoners’ feet. When they arrive, they must give up everything they come in with (even socks). They are given a striped top and pants and a slipper type pair of shoes. If someone arrives without any funds to purchase socks, they depend on other inmates to share any extras. The floors are concrete and cold, and they only get a small sleeping blanket.

I am working to give a new pair of socks to each person in the facility for Christmas. In Bossier that is about 1,400 individuals. If we as the Catholic Church could collect 1,400 pairs of socks, we would have enough for all of these prisoners.

Someone will thank you from the “bottom of their feet” one day if you help with this endeavor.

Churches and groups wanting to donate men’s socks should contact Mary Morgan at 318-742-3774.

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