Second Collections: Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Collection Dates: November 18th & 19th    
Announcement Dates: November 5th & 12th

First, I give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ for all of you because your faith is heralded throughout the world.”  These words of Saint Paul in his Letter to the Romans express my feelings about you, the Christian faithful of the Diocese of Shreveport.  You have been moved with pity at the plight of so many people throughout the Caribbean, in Texas and southwest Louisiana, Florida, and Mexico, as our brothers and sisters in Christ have been so terribly affected by hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes.  Your compassion was the catalyst that moved you to do something, by way of our emergency second collections.  You not only felt compassion, but you went where the Holy Spirit moves all people of good will: you showed compassion.  So I thank you for responding with both prayers and actions.

Thank you for contributing to the emergency collection for Hurricane Harvey, and then again for Hurricane Irma. The bishops of our country will see to it that your gift to the Lord and His people in need gets to them in the most effective way.  May our Good Lord greatly bless you for this tremendous outpouring of spiritual and corporal mercy.

“Working on the Margins” is the theme for this year’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development Collection.  Jesus told the parable of those servants sent out into the highways and byways to invite people into the wedding feast. Now in our own day, the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, summons us to those same peripheries.  You very recently went to those highways and byways, those peripheries by your contributions to two emergency collections.
So I am again pleased to present to you our second collection for the month of November, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Through this “campaign” the Bishops of the United States work to permanently change the lives of people for the better.  This particular campaign is not emergency relief to a crisis movement. This is the bishops’ of the United States long-term goal to eradicate poverty and its root causes here at home in our country.  Through this campaign our chief shepherds fund grants that allow work to be done locally to bring about lasting and systemic change where it counts the most. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is our unified effort to end poverty right here at home.  Your contribution to the campaign is a way out, not a hand out.

We remember this month in our liturgical cycle the many Saints of God along with our Faithful Departed. At the time of their funeral, we often make a commitment to be faithful to the legacy of our dearly departed loved ones. Sustain their legacy of compassion in action by contribute to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection, so that we can work in union with Pope Francis and our bishops. Following their example we are Working on the Margins where our Savior also worked.

Again, I thank you in advance for your generous participation in the second collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Your donation is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty.  Give from your heart to the CCHD collection.  Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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