Diocesan Seminary Burses


Bishop Duca and the Office of Church Vocations are pleased to announce the establishment of a Diocesan Seminary Burse program to provide all the faithful of North Louisiana the opportunity to invest in the education and formation of our seminarians into holy and effective priests to serve the Diocese of Shreveport.

What is a seminary burse, and how do they contribute to seminarians?
A seminary burse is an endowment used to pay tuition, room and board for the seminarians of the Diocese of Shreveport. The principal amount donated is not touched, but invested, and the support for our seminarians comes from the earned interest. Each donation to a burse is truly a gift that will continue giving as more men enter priestly formation in the years to come!

Who can establish a burse?
Anyone can establish a seminary burse, and name it in honor of loved ones (e.g., family members, teachers, mentors, pastors), in honor of organizations and faith or social groups (e.g., Knights of Columbus councils, ACTS, schools, church parishes, cultural organizations), for themselves or their families as an instrument of personal giving, or in memory of a deceased loved one. Burses and their balances, and new contributions, will be listed in future issues of The Catholic Connection.

Who can contribute to a burse?
Anyone can contribute any amount to any established seminary burse.

How can I establish or contribute to a burse?
You can establish and name a burse with a donation of at least $250, or you can contribute any amount to a burse simply by designating its name when the contribution is made. Contributions may be mailed to the Office of Church Vocations, Diocese of Shreveport, 3500 Fairfield Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71104. Be sure to note the name of the burse in the memo line.

When is a burse completed?
Seminary burses are completed when the balance reaches $10,000. Once this goal, which is not a pledge, has been reached, and those who established the original burse wish to continue their donations, a new burse in the same name may be opened.

Where can I get more information?
For more information, please contact Fr. Jerry Daigle, Director of Church Vocations, at 318-219-7311.

We offer a special word of gratitude to Dr. George Bakowski for suggesting this program for the support of the seminarians of the Diocese of Shreveport, and for his generous efforts for its establishment and promotion.


001   Dr. George and Sandra Bakowski Foundation ($10,000)

002   Dr. George and Sandra Bakowski Foundation ($2,000)

003   Dr. George and Sandra Bakowski Foundation ($1,000)

003   Bob and Gloria Patterson ($200)

004   John R. and Mary Cook Walker ($350)

005   Cathedral of St. John Berchmans ($250)

006   Cathedral of St. John Berchmans ($250)

007   Friends of Dr. Christopher ($500)


001   Fr. Mike Bakowski Memorial Burse ($10,000)



002   Joseph & Antoinette Bakowski Memorial Burse ($2,000)

003   Sam R. Maranto Memorial Burse ($1,200)

004   Kathryn Atherton Cook Memorial Burse ($350)

005   Cathedral of St. John Berchmans ($250)

006   Bishop’s Burse ($250)

007   Dr. Carol Christopher Memorial Burse ($500)

008   St. Jude Parish ($250)

008   St. Jude Parish ($250)


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