SJS Middle School Visits Cemeteries on All Saints Day

On November 1st, in celebration of All Saints Day, the middle school students of St. Joseph School attended a day-long retreat at two of our local cemeteries.

They first visited St. Joseph Cemetery, where they learned about the history of Holy Trinity Catholic Church and its connection to the yellow fever epidemic of 1873. Students said the Prayer of the Faithful Departed.

The students then traveled to Greenwood Cemetery, where the retreat included a cultural twist. Students have been learning about Dia de Los Muertos in Spanish class with Mrs. Beatriz Sanchez, so a feast of homemade tamales, rice and beans, as well as “Bread of the Dead” and Mexican hot chocolate was provided for them.

When lunch was over, the students again offered the Prayer for the Faithful Departed, then SJS parents Mozel Byrd and Wendy Vance led students and chaperones on a tour of the cemetery and a scavenger hunt based on information gathered about those buried there.  Music teacher, Mrs. Benoit, led the students in song to remind them of the promise of eternal life because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  •

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