Loyola’s 65th Annual Style Show

by Lisa Cooper

What began in 1952 as a simple luncheon and fundraiser for the school has become the biggest and one of the most exciting productions for Loyola College Prep. This year was no exception as 104 seniors took to the stage to dance and model fashions from several of Shreveport’s local stores and boutiques.

Chairs Amy Sarcar, Lisa Stewart and Jeri Thompson put in countless hours working with volunteers from 25 committees who coordinated everything from set building to feeding a crowd of 1300 for this year’s show, themed “Welcome to the Wild Wild West.”

Sarcar says of the volunteers, “They are really the ones who deserve the credit. Many of them worked six-hour days, five days a week, for 14 weeks preparing the set and table decorations, and that doesn’t include all the hours spent on weekends and at home.”

All of the chairwomen agree that a production of this magnitude is only possible through the efforts of all the volunteers who work tirelessly to bring everything together.

Adding their time spent in rehearsals to the long tally of volunteer hours, the seniors of 2018 were both nervous and excited to take center stage. Each student performed choreographed dancing and modeling as part of a group. Nerves were high during rehearsal as seniors worked to remember dance steps and break in slick shoes. Once the students made their way under the lights though, their nervousness was assuaged and the fun and adrenaline took over.

Alex Warren said of his experience, “I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I thought I would be.” When asked about learning and performing all the choreography, Warren says, “I’m not that coordinated, but it wasn’t that hard to learn the choreography. I had a really good time!”

Senior Alex Smith most enjoyed “being able to perform with [his] friends” and agrees with Warren that once the Senior Walk was done, nervousness was no longer a factor. While the senior boys impressed the crowd by boot-skootin’ in their western wear, the girls dazzled under the choreography of fellow senior Regan Stewart. Stewart, who is auditioning for TCU’s dance program later this year, says of her efforts, “It was so much fun getting to work with everyone. Dancing is what I love to do!”

As the Class of 2018 made their way from the stage after their finale, many were sad to see the Style Show end. With almost a year of preparation behind them, the chairwomen and other volunteers saw their hard work pay off in the two-hour production that seemed to fly by. When the crowd started to clear, the junior class worked to clear tables and clean the floors and set decorations – all covered in more than 400 pounds of glitter. After filling five trucks, a flatbed trailer and a U-Haul, drivers carried the last traces of the Style Show off to storage, and the new committee began work on next year’s production. •

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