Second Collections for January & February

by Fr. Rothell Price

I take this opportunity to wish you a happy, blessed, healthy and Abundant New Year, as well as a joyful conclusion of the Christmas season.

Collection for the Church in Latin America
Announcement Dates: January 14th & 21st
Collection Dates: January 27th & 28th

Share Your Faith: Support the Collection for the Church in Latin America.”

Please give generously to the Collection for the Church in Latin America. Your contributions support the Holy Roman Catholic Church throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The Church proclaims the Good News of life in Jesus Christ. For many living in Latin America and the Caribbean, rural terrain and lack of ministers make it difficult to practice the faith. Your donations and renewed support will fund catechesis, marriage and family life programs and seminarian formation, so people can grow closer to Christ. Please prayerfully consider supporting this collection as a way to share your faith with our brothers and sisters in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The storms of last summer have greatly hurt the peoples of the Caribbean and Latin America. Many Catholic churches, schools, orphanages and diocesan centers have been damaged or destroyed. Your donation to the Collection for the Church in Latin America is even more precious today than ever. Many women, children and men are looking to the Church, as well as their governments, for whatever help can be given to them. Bishops in these areas are working heroically to keep Catholic institutions open; so many are depending on them. Please share your faith and give generously. Support the Collection for the Church in Latin America.

Diocesan Catholic Schools Collection
Announcement Dates: January 21st & 22nd
Collection Dates: February 3rd & 4th

Our Diocesan Catholic Schools Collection is a concrete sign of our support for Catholic education in our diocese. Your contribution bridges the gap between what families can pay and the actual cost of religiously educating the children of families who want their children to have a Catholic education. Your donation is one of the best demonstrations of our commitment to the children who attend our schools and their families. Some of us do not or no longer have children and youth in Catholic schools, but we are still called and depended on to embrace these children as our own. They are our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

St. Frederick High School and Loyola College Prep, our Catholic high schools, as well as our Catholic elementary schools, Our Lady of Fatima School, Jesus the Good Shepherd School, St. Joseph School, and St. John Berchmans School, operate, in part, on your contribution. Your donation is essential to the vibrancy of these religious environments. Here, our children and youth encounter Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Church, the witness of the saints and the missionary discipleship of our parishes. Please give generously to our Diocesan Catholic Schools Collection.

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