Diocese Welcomes New Youth Coordinator


Diocese of Shreveport and St. Joseph Parish Embark on Joint Endeavor to Serve the Youth and Young Adults of the Diocese

by Randy Tiller

As of January 1, 2018, the Diocese of Shreveport and St. Joseph Parish of Shreveport are embarking on a joint endeavor to better serve the youth and young adults of our diocese and eventually help with coordination efforts for Campus Ministry.  This is a new arrangement with high expectations and hopes of matching up needs and wants with talent and expertise.

Mr. Trey Weaver has relocated to Shreveport from the Monroe area and will be a full-time staff member of St. Joseph Parish in Shreveport. Trey will also serve as the Coordinator of Campus, Youth and Young Adult Ministry on a diocesan basis.
This arrangement will be a shared position both in terms of duties and responsibilities and time and expenses associated with youth in our diocese. While continuing to work with the Diocesan Youth Council and the various youth ministers across our diocese, a lot of Trey’s focus will be on re-energizing the youth of St. Joseph Parish through fellowship and evangelization along with the youth in our Catholic schools, and the Catholic youth who are attending other schools in the area.
Additionally, Trey will be a resource to the youth ministers and youth volunteers in all the parishes, particularly when hosting diocesan events such as Encounter Jesus, NCYC, and any other events held jointly with the Catholic schools in Shreveport/Bossier, Monroe and Zwolle, as well as continuing to work with the Monroe and Shreveport Theology on Tap groups. Also, the Diocesan Youth Council will continue to function with Trey’s leadership and input.

“In the beginning I’m going to try to build relationships with people and reach out to our smaller parishes in the diocese,” said Weaver. He added, “I’m going to be getting to know the people connected with youth ministry in our diocese and learn what we can do for them in the future.”

Trey’s past achievements and employment includes assisting with planning various retreats, leading worship and music services, and giving talks for ministries and youth groups across the state from Monroe, Shreveport, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. He worked as a missionary for Camp ECHO (Dumb Ox Ministries) and helped lead Theology of the Body camps for teenagers and young adults while ministering to the retreatants through various activities such as games, talks, testimonies and prayer ministries. He has served as a Louisiana Boys State counselor since 2011, planned Tiger Awakening Retreats at LSU since 2012, and has been involved with Teen and Young Adult ACTS retreats in Monroe since 2008. Trey is also an Eagle Scout.

Trey managed to serve in ministry while also working as a worship leader and musician at St. Thomas More Parish in Baton Rouge, LA, and most recently, by working as a facilitator for at-risk and troubled youth and their families by building relationships, empowering the families and brainstorming creative solutions to help each family persevere through hardship.

I join Fr. Matthew Long in welcoming Trey to this new joint endeavor. Trey will be seen at St. Joseph, the Catholic Center and around the diocese eagerly engaged in working with the youth of the diocese in an efficient and professional manner to see the involvement and commitment of the youth grow throughout the diocese.

“The thing that makes me most excited about this new endeavor is that I feel like the Holy Spirit is ready to do new things. I feel like this is the time,” said Weaver. “A lot of people are coming together to make things happen – not just here in our diocese, but in the Church as a whole. There are many new movements and exciting new things, and I think this is our chance to make some of those things happen here in our diocese, and that makes me really excited.”

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  1. Kathy says:

    So happy to see this. We are losing way too many of our youth. Good luck in your new position, Trey.

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