Second Collections for February

by Fr. Rothell Price, Vicar General 

Collection Date: Ash Wednesday, February 14th

The Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe supports the Church in 25 countries that are still struggling to recover from the aftermath of communist rule. Funds from this collection support pastoral care, catechesis, building renovations and seminary formation. Your support restores the Church and rebuilds the future in this region. Restore the Church, Build the Future. Please be generous in your sacrificial gift to the Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe.

Participation Dates: February 14th (Ash Wednesday) to April 1st (Easter Sunday)

Operation Rice Bowl is a project of Catholic Relief Services (CRS). This is not the CRS Collection which will be taken up on the 4th Sunday of Lent. This is a Lenten devotion of intentionally pausing each day to unite with the Lord Jesus and the least of His brothers and sisters. Catholic Relief Services is our uniquely Catholic disaster relief agency responding to local, national and international calamities. The Rice Bowl Program (not collection) extends from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. It offers opportunities for your family to engage daily in the spiritual pillars of Lent: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Last spring, 2017, the Parish School of Religion students at St. Joseph Parish, Shreveport, donated $775.11 for the CRS RICE BOWL. I was very proud to welcome to the Catholic Center Cynthia Pettiette, Director of Religious Education, Bonnie Vanni and Suji Sujith, PSR teachers there, and most wondrously, Joshua and Theresa Sujith who presented the sacrificial donation of their St. Joseph peers as a gift to the Lord and His Church. I hope to receive donations and visits from more schools and PSR students this year!

This year’s Rice Bowl Program is titled, “Encounter Lent.” Joyfully present your CRS Rice Bowl to your parish priest at the offertory on Easter Sunday. Check out the downloadable CRS Rice Bowl Apps on the bottom of the Rice Bowl, or at


Collection Dates: February 17th & 18th  

The Black and Indian Missions Collection embodies the Church’s concern for evangelizing the black and Indian people of the United States. The funds are distributed as grants to dioceses throughout the United States, supporting and strengthening evangelization programs which otherwise would cease. Your heartfelt participation in the Black and Indian Missions Collection allows the Commission to give helpful grants to dioceses across the country to operate schools, parishes and other missionary services that build the Body of Christ in Native American, Alaska Native and Black Catholic communities.

The Black and Indian Missions Collection assists in acquiring good teachers in schools that would otherwise struggle to stay open, assists dioceses in forming lay ministers and catechists who spread the Gospel in their own communities, and who encourage young African Americans and Native Americans to give their lives to the Lord as priests, brothers or sisters. In Alaska and the arctic regions, your donation assists priests, deacons and catechists who must fly and/or dogsled into remote communities that are otherwise cut off from the world. Give generously and make it possible for the light of Jesus Christ to shine in Alaska, the arctic and across the plains and cities of North America.  •

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