Diocese of Shreveport Welcomes New Chancellor

Randy Tiller was appointed the Director of Mission Effectiveness for the Diocese in Shreveport in 2006. Effective April 1, 2018, Tiller was appointed Chancellor of the Diocese of Shreveport, by Bishop Michael G. Duca.

Chancellor duties as liaison for Prison Ministry and Family Life Ministry are now under the direction of Dianne Rachal, Director of Worship. John Mark Willcox, Director of Development, has taken over the work associated with national grants.

Duties and responsibilities Tiller will take on as Chancellor include serving as an Ecclesiastical Notary for official documents and reports that are submitted to the Vatican each year. Tiller will also on the Diocesan Corporate Board and the Diocesan Finance Council. He is a member of the Editorial Board for The Catholic Connection. He will also fulfill numerous other tasks, duties and responsibilities involving diocesan archives, the Slattery Library and working with other directors and departments at the Catholic Center.

Tiller continues in his capacity as Director of Mission Effectiveness including the property management aspects of that position, working with the priests and parishes directly and in conjunction with the various Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils. He will continue to be involved with special events at the Catholic Center and will continue to supervise the following departments: Facilities, the Office of Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministries and the Office of Hispanic Ministry, as well as oversight of the Slattery Library and responsibility for St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery.  •

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