Gratefulness is the Secret to Graceful Aging

by Sr. Martinette Rivers, OLS

Old age is a proving ground for faith and just another season of life. The wonder of it all is that gratitude can stretch your mind if you allow it to capture you. It breathes in this wonder and breathes it out during this season when we live in gratitude and thanksgiving. How enriched our lives can be by this wonder shared with others! To grow old spiritually is only possible when we live that new season as a thankful person. Gratefulness is the secret of graceful aging. Aging is all God’s doing, so don’t fight it.

Pope Francis says that older people still have a lot to offer younger people. God calls them to become spiritual grandparents to the youth, in spite of many people, he says, who might not want older people around.

They might call them the “gerontocracy of the Church,” but older people say they don’t know what they are talking about. We’re not geriatrics, we’re grandparents! God says, according to Pope Francis, “Get up, Look! Hope!” Grandparents share a sense of life and experience with their grandchildren. This is a beautiful reflection from Pope Francis.

Nature brings out the true spirit of a person because they are in touch with the most noble parts of their life in ways they couldn’t have been in younger years. Living a spirited life is what aging is all about. Join the profession of aging!

Being grateful for all this during the season of Thanksgiving can break all boundaries between people. It shows that we are still the “psycho-spiritual us” wherever we are. Let it show as you honor the season, your families, friends, as it’s a season of our souls.

Dazzle everyone! We’ve learned how to fight our culture’s allergy to aging and remember, no one stays young forever.
Victor Hugo said, “When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age.”
With or without turkey, this month will be a great celebration! How stunningly blessed we are to have in the Catholic faith, the central point, the EUCHARIST as THANKSGIVING. We can trust in Jesus, in the Eucharist. Electrify the whole world by breaking all barriers that separate us and treat everyone with dignity and respect as Jesus did. Have a marvelous season of Thanksgiving and gratitude.

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