Domestic Church: Invite the Lord into Our Dreams and Hopes

by Katie Sciba

My dear readers, I have to share with you news and plans I am just over the moon about. After spending way too long believing it could never happen, I am going to Iceland. It’s happening; granted, I won’t be there until a year or so from now, but my future excursion is so real that it might as well be next week. I’ve been saving every month, selling stuff on eBay and I have going with me a dear friend who’s an experienced world traveler. Our proverbial sails are set and soon I’ll live what, until recently, was just a sweet, unreachable fantasy.

I fell for Iceland watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It feels a little superficial that this Bucket List item came from a little-known movie, but inspiration can strike from any direction, right? The film features stunning shots of long, winding roads, waterfalls and seascapes along the Icelandic coast; this coupled with the thrill of adventure and the unknown drew me in and held on tight. I’ve always been drawn to travel and all things nautical, but either life or, quite honestly, a lack of planning prevented me from taking steps to make it happen. Plus I had Iceland totally written off as impossible because I have a family – a young one at that – and I assumed my husband wouldn’t like the idea of handling the kids solo while I skip across fields half a world away.

So my dream stayed just that – a dream; but I grew up learning that desires in our hearts, the deeply set ones that nearly cause pain because we want them so much, are planted by the Lord; after all who else can make the impossible possible? At the very least, Jesus Himself cares about the hopes that we have and the things that we’re drawn to experience. He’s not a distant Savior passively granting and refusing wishes; He’s here and ready to be involved in every detail of life. What does Jesus have to do with my plans to go to Iceland? Everything. In fact, I should have realized He was part of the whole scheme from the beginning.

He soon showed me that He alone could and would turn Iceland from a wouldn’t-it-be-nice idea to a concrete plan. In a moment of grace, I voiced my long shot wishes to my husband who responded not with the hesitation I anticipated, but with encouragement. Giddy with excitement, I shared my plans with my traveler-friend who volunteered to go with me. God also threw in plenty of time before my trip happens so I can adequately save.

And so, though I was eager to share news of my trip with you, the bigger news is this: Jesus cares. What is it that seems like just a nice idea to you, a far-fetched wish? What’s your Iceland – a thing that seems out of reach because it’s not practical or priority? Give it to Jesus. Let Him in on it. Even a simple, “Jesus I really wish I could…” or a “I want this, God.” Once we invite the Lord into our dreams and hopes, we’ll be able to see more clearly how He’ll make them happen, or if they’re not part of His plan. Confident in Jesus, the King of Impossible, we can move forward with faith and trust.

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