Savant & Dufrene Named St. Joseph Students of the Year

St. Joseph Catholic School is proud to announce our Students of the Year for 2018-2019:  (5th grade) Ezekiel Savant, (8th grade) Audrey Dufrene. Each year, members of the faculty and staff volunteer to form a committee that interviews each candidate as part of the process for choosing a Student of the Year to represent SJS.  The caliber of candidates each year makes it difficult on this committee, and this year was no different.  All candidates exhibit dedication to their studies, leadership skills, a strong Catholic identity and exemplary behavior in the classroom.

Zeke Savant has attended SJS since PreK-3.  He is smart, well rounded, and works very hard. He is very responsible, a great friend to everyone, and is always willing to help others. Audrey Dufrene has been a Falcon since K-5. She is self motivated, goes above and beyond, and she always puts forth the maximum effort. She is kind, helpful and very smart.
This year also brought about the return of a Christmas play to SJS, a great performance called, “Believe,” by Faye Couch Reeves.  The entire student body participated in this performance, either as a class, singing Christmas carols between scenes, or as an actor.  The play centers around a child who wants to believe in Christmas, but is struggling to find peace in the midst of greed, busy schedules and shopping. From Pre-K3 through 8th grade, the play offered both beautiful sounds of the Christmas season, as well as a great message for all who strive to focus on the birth of the Christ child.

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