April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

The USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People is now reaching its 17th birthday. It has been amended over time with references to include the protection of vulnerable adults, and the issue of child pornography, but there are more changes to come. The USCCB is currently addressing opportunities to include issues of transparency with diocesan records, the handling of sex abuse in relation to bishops and other issues the charter needs to address. Even with all the sexual abuse reports in the media that have been transpiring over the last 12 months, there still shows a decreasing trend of abuse within the Church today. The Diocese of Shreveport and all dioceses throughout the country continue to be diligent with their safe environment programs which include training and background checks. The power of this program lies in the hands of the faithful. This educational program provides the faithful with the information they need to recognize and act if there is an issue of abuse. More than 8,000 adults have been trained in the Diocese of Shreveport, and we continue to train more adults throughout the year. Please continue to pray for the Church in these difficult times and also pray in thanksgiving for the strides made in keeping children and youth safe.