Vocations View: Reflection – Final Year of Seminary

by Deacon Kevin Mues, Seminarian

Time flies when you’re having fun!” This statement seems particularly accurate to me at this moment in my life. As I approach the end of my final semester of seminary formation, I feel struck by how quickly this period of my life has come and gone. In 2013, I entered seminary formation. When I began, I thought that six years of learning philosophy and then theology would never end, but it has gone by in a flash. I am amazed by how much I have learned and humbled by how much I still have to learn. In the past year, this has been especially clear to me. Three recent experiences have given me greater insight into what it means to be a priest and what my life as a priest may look like after I am ordained in May.

When I was ordained to the diaconate in June, I was given the opportunity to minister at St. Jude Parish in Benton. There, I had the chance to really enter into the life of a Catholic parish. I was able to participate in the daily activities of the church and get to know the families that served and were served by the parish. Through Bible studies, family dinners, summer camps, hospital ministry, choir, and my participation in Mass as a deacon, I was able to experience a foretaste of the life of a priest. I had the opportunity to learn from Fr. Karl Daigle what it means to be a pastor–that real love of the people I am called to serve.

Deacon Kevin Mues at the Garden of Gethsemane.

In January, my classmates and I went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. There, I had the opportunity to stand in the places that Jesus stood. I was at the Church of the Nativity, at the Sea of Galilee, on the bank of the River Jordan. I walked the way of the Cross. Being in the Holy Land was an amazing experience. The Church of the Annunciation was an amazing point of my journey. There, we had the chance to pray the Angelus with the Franciscans that serve the parish. When we pray the Angelus, we say, “Verbo caro factus est,” or “The Word was made flesh.” When they pray the Angelus, they say, “Verbo caro hic factus est” or, “Here, the Word was made flesh.” My experience in the Holy Land did that for me. It gave flesh to the faith that I believe in. By standing in the places that Jesus stood and seeing the locations from the Bible, I was able to understand more fully the ministry of Jesus and the apostles.

The thing that most inspired me this year was the funeral of Fr. Richard Lombard. It was amazing to see a priest who had given his entire life, 65 years of ministry, to the Diocese of Shreveport. I was able to see in his funeral, the only real encounter I had with his life and his ministry, the true goal of a priest: to live a life that is totally devoted to spreading the Gospel and serving the people of God. As I move toward my own ordination, I look forward to the opportunity to give my life to this diocese. I hope to follow that example and give everything to the people of God in our local Church.

Over the next two months, I will complete the formal education that will bring me to the Cathedral for my ordination. I look forward to the even greater lessons that I will learn from the people of God when I become a priest for them.

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