Second Collections for May & June

by Father Rothell Price

 DIOCESAN RETIRED PRIESTS’ FUNDCollection Dates: May 4th & 5th 

As we move toward the climax of the Easter Season, I wish you every spiritual blessing from Heaven. I especially wish you a new and transforming encounter with the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit. May the grace of Christ’s resurrection from among the dead lead you to a heartfelt and generous support of our Diocesan Retired Priests’ Fund. Make a simple and dignified life possible for our retired diocesan priests who have given all to Jesus Christ and his mission of salvation. These are priestly men you know and love. You can personally vouch for their good name and character. You can truthfully testify to their inspired labor among the people of God. So again, I thank you for opening your heart and your resources to the men who have faithfully served the Risen Lord Jesus and the People of God in north Louisiana with heart and soul.

Our Diocese of Shreveport Retired Priests’ Fund supports good and faithful priests you know and love. One hundred percent of this collection remains in our diocese to cover the care of your loving shepherds in their retirement years: Fathers Kenneth Williams, Pike Thomas, Patrick Scully, Joseph Puthuppally, Phil Michiels, Patrick Madden, James McLelland, John Kennedy and Msgr. Earl Provenza. You know them, love them and can bear witness to their good work. Our active priests, who are such a spiritual help and joy to you, will one day reach the reward of retirement age. I thank you for helping us take care of our current and future retirees. Please give generously to our Diocesan Retired Priests Fund collection.  •



Announcement Dates: June 1st & 2nd 

Collection Dates: May 19th & 26th  

My father, Robert, was the strong silent type. He wasn’t shy and retiring, nor was he a wall flower. He said little, but did much. He reminds me so much of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father and guardian of our Lord Jesus Christ.

St. Joseph and my father, Robert, communicated profound wisdom in his sparsity of words and largess of action. Their fatherly examples express something of essence and power of our second collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign. This second collection gives our nationwide Catholic family the opportunity to receive and spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Jesus communicated to us what he heard and learned from his Father. The Apostles communicated what they heard and learned from Jesus. We, the Church today, communicate to each other and the society around us what we have heard and come to believe. Our words and actions continue those of Jesus and the Apostles through the Catholic Communication Campaign.

I hope this “communication” campaign comes to mind each time you profess your faith in “one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. Half the funds collected in the Catholic Communication Campaign remain in our diocese so that we can reach souls through the internet, television, radio, print and social media. The various departments at the Catholic Center share the Good News with you in many forms. Be part of this “campaign” to spread the Gospel message. Please generously support the Catholic Communication Campaign.  •

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