Second Collections for June & July

by Father Rothell Price

Announcement Dates:  June 16th & 23rd
Collection Dates:  June 29th & 30th

Be a Witness of Charity.” This is the clear call and witness of our annual Peter’s Pence Collection. The Feast of the two great Apostles, Peter and Paul, celebrates these two pillars on which the Holy Spirit built up the early Church. Both apostles were guided by the Spirit to focus their zeal on the Jews and Gentiles. The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, founded on the proclamation of these two and the other Apostles, takes up the Peter’s Pence Collection on their joint feast day.

As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, is the head of the Universal Church and successor to St. Peter, he is called upon by suffering individuals, families, communities and nations to help them in a time of crisis and suffering. The Peter’s Pence Collection makes it possible for him to respond to this cry on behalf of Jesus Christ and His Holy People, the Church. Pope Francis has been inspirational in the humble yet dramatic way he makes the human and material resources of the Holy See readily available to those in need.

Join our Holy Father Pope Francis in representing Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters in need. “Be a Witness of Charity.” Participate generously in the Peter’s Pence Collection. •

Announcement Dates: July 7th & 14th
Collection Dates: July 20th & 21st

The Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa collection helps our brothers and sisters in Christ on the huge African continent grow in the Catholic faith. Your participation in the Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa accomplishes the great spiritual and material good of building up the faith, transforming lives and contributing to the improvement of standards of living among people hungering and thirsting for God and the basic necessities of life.

Through the marvel of television and social media, we are blessed to see with our own eyes the good news that the Church in Africa is growing. Pope Francis and his predecessors, Benedict XVI, Saint Pope John Paul II, and Saint Pope Paul VI held the people of Africa close to their hearts. They admirably did their part in nurturing the growing and vibrant faith of the peoples of Africa. Join Pope Francis and the bishops of our country in strengthening the faith of the people of Africa. Your contribution to the Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa makes it possible for our bishops to provide grants to finance religious education, Catholic schools, clergy and religious education, youth ministry, communications, evangelization, leadership formation, justice and peace, construction and outreach programs.

Please be generous in your support of the Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa. This fund provides access to the Sacraments of the Church for a spiritually enthusiastic and hungry people. Help them overcome their spiritual and material challenges due to poverty, food shortages, disease and migration. Stand with the people of Africa. Give generously to the Solidarity Fund.

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