Pro-Life Oratory Contest Winners Announced


he Shreveport-Bossier Pro-Life Oratory Committee has announced the local winners of its high school oratory contest. Kaiden Odell, a senior at Word of God Academy in Shreveport, won first place with his insightful presentation. He cited the “Unborn Victim of Violence” act, which charges a murderer of a pregnant woman with two counts of murder, one for her and one for her unborn child. Her baby is considered alive and a victim, at whatever stage of its development. Kaiden pointed out the irony that this recognition is unfortunately not provided to babies who are victims of abortion and infanticide, even though the babies are identical in their development. Kaiden was awarded $500 for his speech.

Second place honors were captured by Celeste Lirette, a senior at Loyola College Prep. Her stirring presentation relayed the fact that one in four babies are aborted. That child who never had a chance at life could have been your best friend. Celeste stated that young people need to be bold in proclaiming the truth about the evils of abortion, because “in the end, that aborted baby could have been me or it could have been you.” Celeste was awarded $250 for her presentation.

Zaige Wills, a senior at Byrd High School, won third place by pointing out that everyone deserves the right to life. He challenged the audience to action, saying “We must be the voice for the defenseless babies who are being deprived of this right.” He was awarded $100 for his inspiring speech.

First place winner Kaiden Odell advanced to the State Finals in Baton Rouge on Saturday, May 4 at the Louisiana Knights of Columbus Convention in Baton Rouge. Kaiden won the state competition and will represent Louisiana at the National Pro-Life Oratory contest, which will be held at the National Right to Life Convention in Charleston, SC on July 6.

The local competition was held April 25, at the Catholic Center in Shreveport. Now in its 31st year, the contest challenges students to consider the bioethical issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia and fetal stem cell research from a pro-life perspective.

The contest is non-denominational and is sponsored locally by the Catholic Diocese of Shreveport. State and National sponsors are the Louisiana Right to Life Federation, the Louisiana Knights of Columbus and the National Right to Life.

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